2nd Grade Poem Recital

Our poetry reading honoring Shel Silverstein was a huge success!


Check out the video below if you missed it.

Superb job, friends!  You all did wonderful and I’m extremely proud of the hard work you all put into this.  Thank you.


Also, thank you to the parents that joined us and gave us an authentic audience for a memorable lesson.  I know the students appreciated your presence.

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STEM Friday: Real World Math Activity

Last Friday, students participated in a real world activity involving applying for a job, earning a salary, cashing a check from the bank, and spending money using exact change or making change at the market.  It was a great capstone project to not only practice our money skills, but also experience how math is applied in the real world.


To begin the activity, students had to apply for jobs. Jobs included teacher assistants, store associates, store clerks, store manager, bank tellers, bank manager, and a police officer to monitor the halls. Teacher assistants assisted various teachers at RCSAI to complete a specific task. Once the task was complete, students received an envelope with their checks inside. They could then cash their checks at the bank. The bank tellers and bank manager were to collect the checks and distribute the correct amount of money. Finally, students would be able to use their money at the store. At the store, students had two options: use exact change to pay for an item or pay with more to get change. The store clerks and store manager were responsible for making sure all sale transactions were accurate and issuing correct change to customers.

Busy line at the market!

STEM Friday: Mini Mayflower

I know, I know, it’s not Friday.

This Week’s Challenge

For our Thanksgiving-themed challenge, students had to plan, design, and build a mini “Mayflower” ship to float and hold the weight of 100 pebbles (representing the 100 people that traveled on the Mayflower) using only the materials provided.

Materials (per team)

  1. 5 sheets of aluminum foil
  2. 2 small dixie cups
  3. 10 popsicle sticks
  4. 10 straws
  5. 5 rubberbands
  6. tape (1 meter)
  7. 1 pair of scissors


  1. Build a boat that must float and be able to withstand the weight of at least 100 pebbles.
  2. You do not have to use all of the materials.
  3. Materials will not be replaced.

After designing and building their boats, it was time to test them!  All of the boats floated, but the real challenge was seeing if the boats could withstand weight.



The winner was Indian Ocean’s design, holding a whopping 43 pebbles! Great job, Indian Ocean!


Indian Ocean: 43
Atlantic Ocean: 31
Pacific Ocean: 2
Arctic Ocean: 10

The Great Field Trip!

Written by Summer, Alex, and Aanya

Have you ever petted a rhino before?  If you have, you might have been scared!  Some rhinos are nice and some are mean!  Yesterday, we went to White Oak Conservation to visit and learn about our animal of the year. First, we visited the Indian rhinos.  Then, the Black rhinos.  And then, the White rhinos.  We can tell the difference between the rhinos by their mouths.  The White rhinos were the most curious and let us pet them.  They were smelly and felt rough.

After the rhino tour, we went see giraffes, gazelles, and cheetahs.


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It was so much fun!



Class Election 2016: Part 2

Today, the candidates gave their last speeches to win the crowd and sway some voters. Disney Party even brought in treats and “Vote for Anaya” stickers for their “constituents.”



Check out the video below:

Great job, friends and good luck on Election Day!

Now, comes the hard part: waiting!  On Tuesday, November 8th, all second graders will vote for our very first class president!  Who will it be?