Test Time!

Written by Kennedy

The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are taking a test called the F.S.A.. It is a stressful time for them, so we had to make a poster and do a parade for them. In the parade, we put our poster up. It was fun. Every class did a poster for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and or 6th grade class. Our poster was for Mrs. Kurt. We all made a name for them to make them less stressed on the poster. Ours was “Mrs. Kurt’s Kool Kids.” My classmates put messages on the poster to cheer them up, too.




STEM Friday: Exploring Light

Introducing the basic concepts of light, students experienced, hands-on, how light energy helps us see.  Using three LED light sources, we demonstrated and discussed the sources of light; the difference between opaque, transparent, and translucent objects; how light can be absorbed (blocked) or transmitted (passed through); and how light travels in straight lines and spreads out as it moves away from its source.



Students were fascinated with this exploration!  Below were the big ideas for this activity:


STEM Friday: Graphing

Today, we were mathematicians!

This Week’s Challenge

Students had to survey all four second grade classrooms; collect the data; tabulate the results in a tally chart, picture graph, bar graph, and circle graph; draw a conclusion; and answer questions from their graph data.

Research Question: What kind of candy do second graders like best?

Our participants had four choices:

  1. Chocolate Bars
  2. Mint Candy
  3. Soft/Chewy Candy
  4. Hard Candy
  5. Sour Candy

These were the results:


Each team was assigned a type of graph to organize the data.  Below are our graphs:

Bar Graph by Team France
Picture Graph by Team America
Tally Chart by Team Canada
Circle Graph by Team England


Based on our data, “we found out that second graders like chocolate and sour candy the most” (Aeris).

Chinese New Year

Today begins the celebration of Chinese New Year.  In class, we learned all about this lunar festival.  To celebrate, each student received a red envelope with a “lucky” penny inside.  On their envelopes, students practiced Chinese calligraphy by writing words such as “happiness,” “dream,” and “love.”

Later, we enjoyed listening to the story of Nian (Year), the man-eating monster that comes out around Chinese New Year.  We finished the day off by eating fortune cookies as we finished decorating out dragon masks.



(Happy New Year!)

STEM Friday: 100th Day Edition

Happy 100th day of school!

It’s not Friday, but we participated in two STEM activities today as part of our 100th Day Celebration.  We rotated to the four second grade classrooms and completed a different activity in each class.  In our class, we attempted to build a bridge, using only one sheet of paper, that would be strong enough to hold 100 pennies.


The goal was to make the bridge corrugated in order to spread the weight of the pennies all over the bridge.  However, many teams throughout the day were able to balance the 100 pennies in different ways, without corrugating their papers.

In Ms. Neff’s class, students were challenged to build the tallest tower they could using 100 red solo cups.


Great teamwork today, friends!