Today, we got to meet the cubs that were born last November at White Oak!  Their names are Cheeto, Frito, and Ruffles.  The mama’s name is Karamel.


We also met Hasari, the world famous cheetah, along with her companion (a dog!).


STEM Friday: Toothpick Challenge

This Week’s Challenge

Build the tallest, free-standing, structure using only the materials provided.

Teams had 45 minutes to build their structures.  At the end of the building phase, students had to measure the height of their towers to the nearest centimeter.

Materials (per team)

  1. 100 toothpicks
  2. Half a bag of mini marshmallows


After trying not to eat most of our marshmallows, these were the results:

image Team France: 13 cmimage Team Canada: 14.5 cmimage Team England: 10 cmimage Team America: 11 inches

The winner: Team Canada with 14.5 cm!