STEM Week: DIY Kite

This week, students got to get creative by designing their very own kites!  They were allowed to use whatever tools they wanted to build their design.  After drawing the blueprints and writing the steps, students began the construction process.  Some used paper; some used plastic; and one student even brought in fabric from home!  We taped down some straws, drew the shape, and cut it out.  We made tails and added some string.

Then, we went out to test our kites!  The wind speed was about 8 mph that day.  Through trial and error, we got some to fly.  Some stayed in the air for a long time;  some flew for only seconds at a time; one did not fly at all (☹ this student used sticks as his framework, which was too heavy on this not-so-windy day).  After enjoying our short time outside (it was really hot!), we came back inside and reflected on our designs.  Students discussed how weight and wind speed affected their kites’ success.

Overall, it was a fun STEM project to end our year.  And since each student designed his own kite, they get to keep their kites to enjoy over summer break!