Earth Day Craft

Each year on April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day.  It is a day focused on promoting awareness, showing appreciation, and taking care of our environment.  After learning about this special day, students decorated a coffee filter as the earth and shared ways they could help the earth.

We colored, then we sprayed.

The result:

Final craftivity:


Some ways we can help the Earth:

Anaya M.: use reusable plates, refill plastic bottles, no littering

Alex: growing more trees each year, picking up trash, and using reusable stuff

Whitney: tell my family and friends to stop littering

Gabriel: reusing containers, recycling plastic bottles, and turning off lights when I’m not using them

Megan: recycle paper and water bottles

Ruby: use less electricity

Aiden: not cut down trees

Addison: use plates that you can use over and over again


Written by Summer and Alex

Today, our class made a garden.  Mr. Cardona helped us put holes in the mini tub that we made our garden in.  Then, we put the rocks in.  Next, we put very dark soil in, and more soil, and more soil.  Last, we put light soil in.  The whole class got to rub all of the soil down because it looked like a mountain!

Then, when it was all down, we put a line across the dirt with  a stick.  We planted lettuce and spinach!  When the class got into the classroom, our teacher made signs for the plants.