Place Value

Today, students reviewed place value in 2- and 3-digit numbers, building on their number sense.  After the lesson, they worked in groups to create a life size hundreds chart using base-10 blocks.  Many found it difficult at first.  After finding some patterns, however, they finally got the hang of it.  This was the final product:


STEM Friday: Stacking Cups

This Week’s Challenge

Create a tool, using only the materials provided, that will allow your team to stack six cups in the shape of a pyramid.

Materials (per team)

  1. Six (6) plastics cup
  2. Five (5) pieces of string
  3. One (1) rubber band


  1. Design your tool using only the materials provided.
  2. Only the tool can touch the cups.
  3. Hands can only touch the string.
  4. Cups will be in a pile.  Stack the cups in a pyramid as fast as possible.

The main purpose of this activity was to learn how to cooperate within a group and use ALL members to complete the task.  Many students struggled working together and sharing their ideas with members of their group.  This challenge was difficult, indeed!  That being said, I would like to give a special shoutout to Aiden for being the first student to get close to solving the challenge by tying a string to the rubber band.  However, his team’s efforts were to no avail because his string was the only string attached and not everyone was involved.

Congratulations to Table 3 for being the first table to complete the challenge.  They worked diligently and kept making improvements on their failures until they finally got it!

Way to go friends!

Cultural Book Share

As you are required to read for 20 minutes every night, over the next two weeks, I would like you to choose a book that represents a culture different from your own.  It could be a picture book or a chapter book.


Assignment Details:

  1. Go to and click the plus sign to add a new post.
  2. Write the name of the book as the title.
  3. In the description, write the country/culture represented and one thing you learned about the culture.
  4. Share a picture of the book cover or you reading the book.

If you are having trouble typing up your response, you may write it on paper and post a picture of the paper.

This assignment will take the place of one reading i-Ready lesson!

Due: Friday, October 20, 2017

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