Kindness Launch: Part II

The Kindness Launch has been such a huge success!   While everyone is loving their gifts, I think I hear more excitement from the giving end!  The students and teachers are loving making something special for another class.

Below are just a few of the “random” acts of kindness going around RCSAI!!

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Service Trip

Two Fridays ago and today, second grade students had such a memorable field trip visiting residents at Sunrise of Jacksonville nursing home.  Before the trip, students made cards for the residents.  When they arrived, they made a craft and played board games together.  It was a nice experience and one I know they’ll cherish years from now.

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Student Spotlight

3, 2, 1! Lift off!  Our kindness gifts launched today!  Eight special classrooms received a party pack, in hopes of spreading smiles and starting a kindness chain at our school.

It all started the day after Halloween.  A very special student walked up to my desk and told me something along these lines: “Something terrible happened yesterday.  These teenagers in my neighborhood were breaking into people’s cars and stealing stuff.  Can we do something for the school to take their minds off all the bad stuff?”  He also referred to the attack in New York.  How could I, as his teacher, say no?  It touched my heart he felt led to want to do something and wanted to share it with me.  So, I told him I would think about it.  We met as class during our Morning Huddle and talked about what we could do.  The class, of course, wanted to throw a school-wide party.  After talking with the student’s mother, we decided on throwing individual class parties for one class per grade level and having them pay it forward by throwing a party for another class and so on and so on.  The kids loved the idea!  They brought in the items, filled up the bags, and “anonymously” passed them out today.


Inside each bag was popcorn, candy, and a gift for the teacher.  Along with each gift, we included this flyer explaining the purpose of this movement:

And today is World Kindness Day! What a happy coincidence!

My students inspire me everyday.  And this is just one example.  My hope is that we will hear students and teachers alike talking about it in the hallways.  It will bring joy to us to see their happiness.


Click here to see the random acts of kindness launching around the school!

Kindness Boomerang

Take a look at this video and let it touch your heart.


Fall Festival!


Before our Fall Festival, students had a great time pretending to be investigators, searching for clues to solve math problems.   Students were able to participate in Math CSI stations to practice and review fact fluency, number stories, counting money, writing number models, solving true and false statements, and writing numbers in expanded form.  There were six stations total.  Below is a detailed explanation of each station:

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