Wax Museum 2018

To celebrate Black History Month, second grade students hosted a living wax museum. The students spent a month researching about a famous historical African-American figure to create a poster with the information they learned.  On the day of the museum, students dressed up as their figure and pretended to be the real-life wax figure! Parents and classes were able to visit the the museum and interact with the “wax figure” by pressing a red button on the students’ hands.  When the red button was pressed, students had to a recite a short summary about the life and achievement of their historical African-American figures.


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Below is a small snapshot of how the event took place:

I am beyond proud of all of them!  They all did a wonderful job and truly earned those Popsicles after standing up for 2 hours!


100th Day of School

Yesterday was the 100th day of school. Students celebrated by working in groups to complete several STEM activities.  Groups worked together to create something using 100 items, including pattern blocks, unifix cubes, and Base-10 blocks.  One group had to create a bridge using only 1 note card strong enough to hold 100 pennies.

We enjoyed our morning dressed as 100 year olds.



In 100 years…

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